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To keep things simple, we offer a small variety of courses aimed at Barbers, Hairdressers and Therapists. We teach you the skills needed to offer new and existing treatments back in your own working environments. We have a dedicated training studio in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire which is easy to get to by car or train, alternative we can come to you. This is ideal if there are four or more of you wishing to train at the same time. Each class is designed to give you the skills and the knowledge you need to thrive in your career. Take a look below to learn more.


Step away from the trimmers... facial waxing is a fast and simple-to-learn alternative for removing unwanted tufts from the nostrils, ears, eyebrows, temples and cheekbones and we'll teach you how to do it all. Not only will you learn new skills we'll talk to you pricing, marketing, products, social media and how to maximise the opportunity so you can hit the ground running when you return back to clients. After all, time is money!

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Got a spare room at the back of your shop or an upstairs room full of junk? Well now's the time to clear it out and do something with it! 

More and more men are turning to their grooming professional for advice and other treatments and why refer them to other people when you or another member of the team could carry out their treatment?

You don't need to offer all the waxing treatments when you start off, maybe just a back, chest and tummy waxing service for your mainstream clients. Can you afford not to turn down an extra £55 for 30 minutes work? 

"Stick" with us, well if you don't the wax will!.....we've got your "back" and we'll teach you everything you need to know!  



Do your competitors have the upper hand? Do you want to offer treatments that others already offer or want to stay ahead of the game?  

Then in-chair massages for your clients head, upper back, neck and shoulders are an ideal way of offering "extra value" services for your clients.

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Head Massage


Why not enhance your treatment menu and offer something else you're competitors don't! 

Facials are quick effective and can be performed in-chair while you complete your hair cut.

Your clients will look fantastic and feel amazing and will return for more!

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