1.1.Terms and conditions updated 1st January 2023
1.2.These terms and conditions (the “terms”)are the basis of the contract between Axiom Wax Academy (“us”/“we”/“our”) and you(the “student”).By booking a training course with us, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.1.3.Axiom Wax Academy is a trading name of The Wax Academy Ltd, a company registered inEngland and Wales, no. 8230064. Our trading address is The Cutting Lounge, 51Church Square, Basingstoke, RG21 7SN.1.4.We may amend these terms from time to time. You can check the latest version on our website ( You will be subject to the terms in force at the time that youbooka course with us, a copy of whichwill be sent to you by emailwhen confirming your booking.2.Booking Conditions2.1.Training placesare subject to availabilityand limited to pre-determinedclass sizes.2.2.Studentsattendingouradvanced waxing or intimate waxing classesare required to hold a basic warm/strip waxing qualification before enrolling. Proof of qualifications may be required prior to any booking being accepted. No previous knowledge or experience of waxing is required for ourbeginners bootcamp or facial waxing courses.2.3.Studentsattending any courseprovided by Axiom Wax Academy must be aged 18 years or over.2.4.Unless agreed with us inadvance, full payment of allcoursefees must be made at the time of booking in order to confirm your training place. Training dates cannot be reservedwithout payment and places are only considered booked once your course feehas been received.2.5.Payment is accepted by banktransfer, debit or credit card.We do not accept payment by American Express.2.6.All course descriptions and prices are correct at the time of publication.2.7.Wereserve the right to alter course prices, content, training material and related services without notice or penalty.3.Cancellations and Changes to Bookings3.1.All bookings made through Axiom Wax Academy are considered ‘business to business’ transactions under the scope of the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation & Additional Charges) Regulations 2013.

Axiom Wax Academy,The Cutting Lounge, 51Church Square, Basingstoke RG21 7SNt:0345 680 2467 Wax Academy is a trading name of The Wax Academy Ltd. Registered in England and Wales, No. 82300643.2.If you cancel or change your booking at least14 days before your course is due to start, you will receive a 50% refund of any fees paid, minus expenses (see paragraph 3.4).3.3.If you cancel or change your booking less than14 days before your course is due to start, no refunds will be issued and any outstanding fees owed to us will also be payable by you.3.4.Where we have incurred costs in the arrangement of training (for example, banking and administration fees,or travel and accommodationexpenses), these costs will be deducted from anyamount refundedto you.3.5.Requests for cancellations or changes to your booking can be made by email, or by using the contact form on our website (,or by calling 0345 680 2467.3.6.Failure to attend a booked course without prior notice will be considered a cancellationby youand will be subject to the above conditions.3.7.Should Axiom Wax Academyneedto cancel your booking for any reason, an alternative course date will be offered to youat no additional charge. Ifanalternative date cannot be agreed, a full refund of all fees paidby youwill be issued.3.8.We arenot liable for any loss of earnings or other costs incurredby youas a result of coursesbeing cancelled or rescheduled.3.9.Refunds will be processed no later than 14 days from the day on which you give us notice of cancellation.4.Provision of Models and Equipment4.1.Where training takes places at yourown premises, youare responsible for providing all models, waxing equipment and supplies on the day of the course. Failure to do so will be considered a cancellationby you and is subject to the conditions set out in section 3.4.2.Models must be over 18 years of age and will be required to complete a health consultationand release form on the day of training.4.3.Models are required atset timesduring training and are not permitted to attend the course or wait in the area where training takes place outside of these times.4.4.Studentsmust demonstrate competence in the practical application of all relevant techniques before certificates are awarded. If your models fail to attend and studentsare subsequently unable to fulfil the assessment requirements, this will be considered a cancellationby youand is subject to the conditions set out in section 3.5.Assessment and Certification5.1.Studentswill be assessed by: (i) completion of in-class exercises; (ii) tutor observation of practical skills; and (iii) completion of a written test paper.5.2.Certificates are issued at our discretion upon successful completion of the above assessment activities.

Axiom Wax Academy,The Cutting Lounge, 51Church Square, Basingstoke RG21 7SNt:0345 680 2467 Wax Academy is a trading name of The Wax Academy Ltd. Registered in England and Wales, No. 82300645.3.Where a student’scompleted test paper does not demonstrate sufficient competency, thatstudentmay re-take this part of their assessmentfree of charge.5.4.Should a studentfail the practical assessment, they will be invited to attend one further assessment atan Axiom Wax Academy venue, free of charge.5.5.No refunds will be issued where a studentfailsto complete the training course or related assessment activities to the satisfaction of the course tutor.5.6.Wereserve the right to withhold certificates until all course fees have been paid in full.6.Equal Opportunities, Learning Needs, Health and Safety6.1.Weendeavour to provide equal opportunities in the provision of all services. This includes an expectation that tutors, studentsand models treat each other with respect and dignityduring training.6.2.It is your responsibility to notify us of any personallearning or physical needs atthe time of booking. We will work with youto ensure that these needs are met as far as is reasonably practicable.6.3.Studentsand models are required to abide by all health and safety instructions given by tutors duringtraining.6.4.Training will be terminated if studentsor models are disruptive, aggressive or abusive, or do not follow health and safety instructions.This will be considered a cancellation by you and is subject to the conditions set out in section 3.7.Free Business Listing7.1.Youwill be offeredafree business listing in our online ZeeMaps directoryupon successful completion of training.7.2.We reserve the right to withdraw this service and decline, amend or remove listings at any time without notice, explanationor penalty.8.Intellectual Property and Copyright Notice8.1.All training-relatedmaterial provided by us (including but not limited to promotional material, training manuals, test papers, handouts, articles, images, digital resources and related online content) remainsthe soleintellectualproperty and copyright of Axiom Wax Academy, and may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without ourprior written permission.We will defend our intellectual property rights with legal action where necessary.8.2.Trademarks and images that appear in Axiom Wax Academy training materialare used by us with permission from the respective copyright ownersand/or are licensed to us for commercial use.You must obtain separate permissionfrom the relevant copyright owner should you wish to reproduce any third party images or trademarked material for your own use